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勞工朋友如於110年度內有 #個人自願提繳退休金
別忘了自提金額可從當年度 #綜合所得總額 中扣除
✅上勞保局網站( )「線上申辦」→「e化服務系統」→「個人申報及查詢」使用自然人憑證(插卡)或健保卡卡號加戶口名簿戶號(免插卡)查詢
The annual tax season is upon us????
Workers who have chosen to #contribute to retirement pension voluntarily in 2021!
Don’t forget that the voluntary pension contribution can be #deducted from the annual consolidated income.
Don’t forget to check if the amount contributed has been deducted from your total annual salary when filing your tax return!
❓How do I check my voluntary pension contribution amount?
✅Log onto the Bureau of Labor Insurance's website (, click on "Online Applications"->"Digital Services"->" Personal Filing and Checking," and use the natural person certificate (insert card) or NHI card + household registration number (no card needed) to check.
✅Take your ID document to the various branches of the BLI to check.
❓How do I apply for a voluntary pension contribution?
According to the "Labor Pension Act" regulations, workers may voluntarily deposit pension funds within 6% of their monthly salary or monthly income from professional practice. The voluntarily paid pension is not included in the tax on the annual salary or monthly income from professional practice. Besides benefitting from added protection, workers may also enjoy tax savings!
Want to know more about retirement pensions? Log onto the labor pension fund section immediately